ME-500 Stage Supports

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For a quick changeover on your major venue events, ME-500 portable stage supports are designed to save you time.

ME-500 Portable Stage Supports

Need a quick portable stage changeover? Just unfold the ME-500 portable stage understructure, rotate the retractable locator assemblies to accept the appropriate number of portable staging deck corners, and set the portable staging decks in place. There are no loose parts or tools needed, so set up is fast and easy. In fact, because there are 75% fewer elements touching the floor, leveling time is drastically reduced when compared to other systems that require an under structure with every portable staging deck. Aisles under the stage allow easy access to wiring and road-case storage. To strike, performance stage supports fold down and become their own storage system, stacking securely on top of each other.

Accepts any standard 4”x 8” StageRight Portable Staging Deck (Available separately).

Product Features

  • One-Piece Portable Staging Support System

    Eliminate time spent assembling components or using tools. Perform on a stable, wobble-free portable platform.

  • "Pin and Cup" Stacking

    Reduce teardown time because the performance stage supports stack securely on top of each other without straps or bins. Use minimal storage space (for example, 24 support assemblies store in 96 sq. ft.).

  • Decks Bridge Between Portable Staging Supports

    Save time with fewer performance stage supports to set up and tear down as portable staging decks bridge both front-to-back and side-to-side. Greatly reduce leveling time because 75% fewer elements contact the floor when compared to other systems that have one performance stage support under each deck. Minimize your initial investment and storage space requirements because fewer performance stage supports are required. Utilize convenient, unobstructed storage space beneath the performance stage supports.

  • Retractable Locator Assembly

    Save setup time by connecting one to four portable stage deck corners (no matter what the performance stage configuration). Save setup time because the portable staging decks automatically align and the performance stage support sections automatically connect together as the stage decks fasten on the conical locator nodes.

  • Adjustable Screw Feet

    Compensate for uneven floors with five inches of easy, fine-adjustment leveling. Save costs because tough, 3/4″ Acme-thread screw resists damage (compared to typical “V” threads). Protect floor surfaces with sure-grip three-inch diameter urethane pads.

  • Aluminum Columns

    Handle the performance stage support system more easily than you would a heavier steel system. Reduce maintenance costs as the tough, aircraft-alloy composition and the scratch-resistant, baked-on finish resist damage.

  • Quick-Set Height Selector

    Select the portable stage heights in two-inch increments. Reference nominal heights quickly on inner legs. Ensure maximum security with large, 5/8″ diameter height adjustment pin.


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Product Details


  • Major Event Staging
  • Performance Stage
  • Portable Staging
  • Drum Risers
  • Speaker Platforms
  • Graduation Staging

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  • Adjustable Performance Stage Support Height Options

    32”- 48"
    36”- 56"
    48”- 78"

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