FR-2403/4 Fold & Roll Riser

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A safe, sturdy, and easy to set up mobile stage option featuring dual sided, reversible portable staging decks.

FR-2403 & FR-2404 Fold & Roll Stage Risers

With two-sided decks, you’ll get double duty from both the FR-2403 and the FR-2404 Fold and Roll Stage Risers. Both models have carpet on one side, and either a slip-resistant black PolyTrac (FR-2403) or TechStage, a black textured fiberglass sheeting (FR-2404) on the other side. You can choose which best suits your event and essentially double the life of your fold and roll riser. The honeycomb core decks and steel framing provide a stable platform that feels like permanent flooring. Setup is safe and easy. Simply roll the portable stage riser into place, unfold it and it’s ready to go. Both models are available in two sizes and varying heights.

Product Features

  • Dual sided, reversible Portable Riser Decks

    Choose the performance surface that best suits the event. Reduce distracting noise typical of other portable systems. Save money by effectively doubling surface wear life. Save space by eliminating a second inventory.

  • Simple, One Person Setup

    Safely roll the Folding Mobile Riser to and from storage. A stable low center of gravity makes moving easy and save, with most operators able to see over the Riser. Riser locks in the folded position for added safety. No tools, assembly or transport dollies are needed to set up.

  • Cantilever Design

    Reduce the risk of back strain because the counterbalance aids in lifting. The portable stage deck smoothly travels the short distance from the storage to the setup position.

  • Accepts Many Accessories

    Add a number of available StageRight accessories such as Chairstops, Skirting, Guardrails, Stairs and Handrails to give your portable staging a safe and finished appearance.

  • Solid Construction

    Two fixed and two swivel casters provide positive directional control as you move your stage riser. Steel tube construction provides a stable, rock solid platform. A black, baked on powder coat finish resists scratches and looks new longer. Nylon bushings protect your investment and ensure a reliable & long service life.


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Product Details


  • Conference center Staging
  • Convention Center Staging
  • Speaker Platforms
  • Head Table Risers
  • Drum Risers
  • Portable Staging
  • Meeting Room Risers
  • Speaker Plaforms

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  • Deck Surface Options

    All FR-2403/4 riser decks feature carpet on one side, with your choice of black PolyTrac or TechStage surfaces on the other side.


    Commercial-grade polyolefin in gray. Other colors or custom types by special order. (Used for head table risers, speaking platforms.)

    View all Carpet Color Options


    A black, slip-resistant ABS. (Ideal for schools, light-duty hospitality and public events staging.)


    Fiberglass sheeting with black textured surface. Excellent wear life and impact resistant. Other colors available by special order. (0.095” thick for performance staging.)

  • Sizes and Heights

    Available Portable Stage Sizes

    • 4’ x 8’
    • 6’ x 8’

    Available Portable Stage Heights

    • 8” fixed height
    • 16” fixed height
    • 24” fixed height
    • 32” fixed height
    • 16-24” dual height
    • 24-32″ dual height
    • 32-40” dual height

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