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AlphaRoll Staging Riser

The revolutionary design of the AlphaRoll Riser allows you to easily swap out leg sets to achieve new heights. Utilize one riser to achieve the height range of 16″ to 40″. Having the ability to adjust to your changing facility needs, it’s simply the best value in the industry.

Product Features

  • Flexible Height Options

    Combine the short and tall leg set for a working height range from 16″ – 40″ in a single, cost-effective stage riser in either 4′ x 8′ or 6′ x 8′ sizes.

  • Easy Setup

    Setup is safe and fast. Simply roll the Riser into place, select the height, and unfold. No tools, dollies or extra hands are needed. One person can easily set it up, saving you time and labor costs.

  • Compact Storage

    Saves storage space because you don’t need multiple risers in different heights. Each riser can store up to three leg sets right in the unit. Multiple leg set options are available.


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Product Details


  • Conference Centers
  • Convention Centers
  • Hospitality
  • Speaker Platforms

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  • Deck Surface Options


    Commercial-grade polyolefin carpet.

    View all Carpet Color Options


    A black, slip-resistant ABS.

  • Options

    AlphaRoll Models

    • Value Model
      Features a single sided deck with multiple surface options that can be replaced if necessary due to wear or damage. The FastPin height adjustment makes height changes quick and easy.
    • Elite Model
      Offers a two-sided deck with a variety of surface options, as well as our exclusive quick release SpringPin for the easiest height adjustments available.

    Height Options

    • Dual-height Standard Leg Set
      Base unit includes two heights in either 6″ or 8″ increments: in 6″ increments, 18″-24,” 24″-30″ and 30”-36.” In 8″ increments, 16″-24,” 24″-32,” 32”-40.”
    • Quad-height Standard Leg Set
      Combine two leg sets to achieve four heights in either 6″ or 8″ increments: in 8″ increments, 16″-24″-32”-40”; in 6″ increments, 18″-24″-30”-36″.

    Available Stage Sizes

    • 4’x 8′
    • 6’x 8′


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