How StageRight Helped TD Garden Speed Up Their Changeover

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How StageRight Helped TD Garden Speed Up Their Changeover

January 8, 2020

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Since its opening in 1995, TD Garden has seen a lot of success with its sports teams. Home to the NHL’s Boston Bruins and the NBA’s Boston Celtics, both organizations have won championships while playing here. In addition to these teams, TD Garden also hosts many concerts and conferences throughout the year.

As one of the premier arenas in the country, they’re always busy. Occasionally, they need to host two games in a single day which means their change-over time needs to be extremely fast and accurate. The fact that they host both hockey and basketball poses an additional challenge since both events have different seating requirements. The solution to this challenge is a dual rise telescopic seating riser.

This project was started by the facility’s desire to upgrade their seating to provide a state-of-the-art fan experience by replacing their outdated riser and by adding demountable seating platform locations throughout the entire bowl. They decided to go with StageRight for this because of their need for the dual rise telescopic seating. The most important factors in making their decision was the fast, reliable change-over and the premium look and feel of our telescopic seating systems.

telescopic seating
Here’s a photo of the Telematic DX2 Telescopic Seating Riser installed at TD Garden.


arena seating platforms
Here’s a photo of the demountable seating platforms that go around the entire bowl at TD Garden.


The specific products that we provided were our Telematic DX2 Telescopic Seating Riser and Demountable Seating Platforms for the entire bowl as seen above. The installation process went very well. A significant amount of planning took place to assure a speedy replacement of their existing system. For a venue of this size that’s used this often, it was imperative that the replace was fast and efficient. The installation for the telescopic seating started July 1, 2019 and was completed by August 2. Installing the seating platforms was completed in two from August 19th – August 30th.

Now that they have their new system, they are thrilled with the results. The change in efficiencies for the change-over process and the upgraded look to the seating bowl area were immediately felt by both staff and fans.

We’d like to thank the entire team at TD Garden for allowing us to be part of their success!

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