How StageRight Helped Build the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

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How StageRight Helped Build the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

December 17, 2018

telescopic seating

The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas opened in 2016 after breaking ground two years earlier in 2014. This new state-of-the-art facility is home to the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and many other types of events from concerts to award shows throughout the year.

When construction started, they had no permanent tenant and had to proceed with the knowledge that to be an important venue in a city like Las Vegas, they were going to need to get the best equipment to allow them the most flexibility. Being a brand-new facility, they were able to build the facility without restrictions and select the products they wanted.

Even though they now have two permanent tenants, their main challenge still remains hosting several different events that require a large variety of configurations. Because of this, they are happy they went with a proven dual rise retractable system that efficiently converts the space and is able to stand up to the wear and tear of a busy facility. Having a proven system has helped minimize the potential of problems arising during these conversions.

Along with needing a system that would efficiently convert their space, they needed platforms that provide a premium fan experience. In today’s world, fan expectations are at an all-time high. This is especially true in a place like Las Vegas.

telescopic seating

The specific products that the T-Mobile Arena purchased from us were the Telematic 100, TeleMatic 100DX2, portable seating platforms for the floor level, and demountable seating platforms for the entire bowl. In addition to the seating, the ME 3750 Rolling Stage was also supplied by StageRight to help them host the wide range of events. Our products had a major impact on the building opening due to the fact that our systems are assembled as much as they can be in the factory. The actual time on site is reduced significantly for our installation. This helped the Construction Manager maintain a schedule and open on time and on budget. This was even more important because it was a new facility and there are always challenges involved with having numerous trades and projects on the floor at one time. It required a lot of pre-planning to work with everyone’s schedules.

telescopic seating

It’s been over two years since the opening of this facility and after more than 120 events, they are thrilled with the results of their facility and the equipment they received from StageRight. To date, the Telematic 100 and Telematic 100 DX2 telescopic seating risers in T-Mobile Arena are the largest that we’ve built and they allow for the highest possible number of configurations we’ve ever provided. This helps them keep up with the demand and meet the needs of all the different events the venue hosts.

Whether it’s a brand-new arena or a renovation project, every venue has different needs and hosts different events so it’s important that cookie cutter solutions aren’t used. We carefully assess the needs of the facility and put together a customized solution that will help it be the best that it can be. We would like to thank the entire T-Mobile Arena team for trusting StageRight to deliver an efficient, flexible, and durable seating and portable staging system that will be an integral part of the arena’s success for years to come.

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